Common Myths About Yoga



Myth No 1 – I am too stiff or inflexible to do yoga….

Everyone feels stiff at times and lots of people can’t touch their toes (unless they are gymnasts or dancers). In yoga classes, we all work at our own pace and level, we have blocks, straps and props to help us get into poses. Yoga will help you loosen up and become more flexible over time so there is no need to be flexible to start yoga. If you don’t start yoga you will become more inflexible and stiff over time.

Myth No 2 – I don’t need to do yoga as I am a runner, cyclist or go the gym…..

Yoga is a great form of cross-training. It can help reduce injuries, it helps with training for marathons or other races by reducing tension in muscles and can help with performance and concentration.

Myth No 3 – I went to a yoga class once and I wasn’t sure it was for me…

There are so many different types of yoga and you shouldn’t be put off because you tried it once and you didn’t like that style or the teacher. Every teacher teaches in a slightly different way and brings their own style into the classes.

Myth No 4 – Yoga is just for girls…

Yoga was originally designed in India by men for men. The number of men attending yoga classes is increasing all the time. Yoga is not just about being flexible in yoga classes you develop strength, balance, reduce stress, muscle tension and increase mental performance and concentration. Many famous celebrities who are male and often practice sports such as rugby, football and rugby are regularly practicing yoga and reporting the benefits.

Myth No 5 – I am not spiritual and I don’t want to have to OM and chant…

As explained above, there are many types of yoga classes to suit everyone. A typical yoga class will include breathing, postures and posture sequences and will finish will a short relaxation.

Myth No 6 – I am not sure that yoga will give me a good workout

Most yoga classes will include sequences of postures that will get your heart rate going, build strength and work most of the muscles in the body.

Myth No 7 – I am too old to do yoga

Yoga is for everyone. In our classes we use straps, blocks and props to assist with getting into postures. Most of the famous yogis are still in their 90’s and are practising yoga. A lot of people start yoga later on in life and often say how much they wish they had started it years earlier.

Myth No 8 – I’m not fit enough to start yoga…

Yoga is for everyone we all work at your own pace and level during class. Yoga in non-competitive so you just work at your own level. Yoga will help you get fit and feel well.

Myth No 9 – I can’t do yoga as I have a bad back, bad knee, arthritis, hip pains, recovering from an illness…

If you have a bad back, knees, hips etc then there is no better time to start yoga. Yoga can help realign the body which may be one of the reasons that you are feeling pain. Alternatively, you might need to do some yoga to stretch the muscles or release tension in the joints that are causing you pain. Many people with arthritis practice yoga as it helps reduce inflammation and increase flexibility and strength. Gentle yoga classes can also help those recovering from injuries.

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