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Yoga for Children has set up unique family yoga classes where mums and dads and children and teenagers and grandparents can practice yoga together as families often find it hard to have spare time away from work and family life to practice yoga. Families have also found that practicing yoga with their children also helps them bond and developing a yoga practice as a family has very positive outcomes for the family on and off the mat.

Yoga for Children’s family yoga DVD has been specially created to enable parents, grandparents, aunties and uncles and children and teenagers to practice yoga together. The DVD contains a 20 minute yoga practice for all the family to enjoy. The DVD also contains a ten minute relaxation practice.

Annelie Carver, Yoga for Children, originally qualified as a British Wheel of Yoga teacher and spent a number of years teaching yoga to adults. Annelie then gained a further qualification with YogaKidz to enable her to teach yoga to children.

Annelie had found that most adults normally come to yoga later on in life due to stress, illness or injury and most of her students commented that they wished they had discovered yoga much earlier in life. Annelie set up Yoga for Children to teach yoga to children so that they can learn the practice of yoga from a young age to enable children to develop a set of skills that they can use through-out their lives.

Yoga is fun, it helps with concentration, it improves coordination and balance, it is a great way to build confidence and keep children fit and healthy. It can help children keep calm and can reduce stress and anxiety caused from exams or other pressures.

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