Weekly open yoga classes

Annelie’s Yoga classes are held weekly in Exeter on:


Yoga for children/Family yoga classes

Please refer to our sister website for details of classes


Private group classes and one to one classes

Yoga in the workplace

If you would like to arrange a yoga class in your workplace, then please contact Look Within Yoga via our Contact us page.

Gyms/Sport clubs

If you are looking for a teacher to teach yoga at your gym or sports club, please contact us on Contact us page

Yoga for sports/Yoga conditioning

If you are a sports club/team and would like to arrange specifically tailored yoga conditioning class please contact us on the Contact us page

Meditation Classes / Mindfulness classes

Annelie teaches one to one meditation classes and mindfulness classes. If you would like to book a class please contact us through the Contact us page

One to one/Private Tuition

Individual one-to-one practice sessions are offered to those who want more detailed instruction, are recovering from injury or illness, would like to train for a specific event such as a marathon or who are just starting yoga and are anxious about joining a class. The sessions can be booked through the Contact us page.