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Everyday living can cause stress, anxiety, worries, aches and pains. Many of us now have sedentary lifestyles which means we can develop muscle and joint pains, hip, shoulder and lower back problems, stress related illnesses including digestive problems. A regular yoga practice will help to reduce aches, pains and tension in the body. Yoga can help prevent injuries and also help recovery from injuries and illness. Yoga will also help to calm the mind, improve mental focus and concentration and provide you with a sense of well-being.

Annelie, Look Within Yoga, had found that most adults normally come to yoga later on in life due to stress, illness or injury. Annelie would like to make yoga accessible to all and has created the Yoga for Life DVD so that people can bring yoga into their homes and develop their own practice which they can access at any time. Life is getting busier, people have less free time and more obligations. People are finding it harder to schedule in a yoga class into their weekly schedules.

Yoga for Life DVD includes a 60 minute yoga practice which is broken down into 10 sections. Each section focuses on a different area of your body and includes yoga practices for the lower back, hips, legs, core, arms as well as breathing and relaxation practices. The DVD enables you to create your own yoga sequence for the length of time that will suit you and also enable you to focus a particular area or areas of the body that you want to work on. One day you can do a 10 minute practice the next a 20 minute practice.

Annelie Carver, Look Within Yoga, has been practicing yoga for most of her life and her first experience of yoga was practicing the ‘lion breath’ at around the age of six with her parents. Over the years, Annelie has experimented with yoga styles ranging from hatha and iyengar to ashtanga, kundalini and vinyasa flow. Annelie Carver originally qualified as a British Wheel of Yoga teacher and spent a number of years teaching yoga to adults. Annelie’s style of teaching incorporates the BWY teaching traditions of asana and pranayama into her classes but also brings her own distinctive style to her classes, largely influenced by ashtanga and vinyasa flow.

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