Look Within Yoga has designed a series of specialist yoga classes for people who engage in a wide range of sports. Yoga is a great cross-training practice for people who participate in sports. A regular yoga practice will lengthen muscles that have become tight, keep your shoulders, hips, knees and ankle joints moving and enable you to enjoy your sports practice by reducing aches and pains. Yoga will keep you flexible, strengthen your core, keep you mobile and supple.

The benefits of yoga include:

  • Improve overall performance by increasing stamina
  • Increase flexibility in the muscles and movement in joints which helps prevent injury
  • Building core strength – this is important to reduce injury, lower back pain and reduces the wasting of energy
  • Building strength in specific muscle groups used in the sports you participate in
  • Improved mental clarity and focus which increases concentration
  • Keeping the body and muscles in balance – some sports such as cycling overwork certain parts of the body whilst not working others
  • Keeping the body supple and reduces stiffness which can reduce injuries
  • Helping the body recover from injuries with special programs
  • Improves balance and agility

Look Within Yoga classes with incorporate a sequence of postures designed for the sport you undertake and also include breathing and relaxation practices. In yoga we teach awareness of the breath and the cultvate the use of diaphragmatic breathing which can help with performance and concentration.


Rugby is a strong, dynamic team sport. Rugby players suffer from injuries on a regular basis and can suffer from tight muscles, ligament damage, stiffness, sprains, factures and dislocations. Rugby results in more injuries during play than any other sports (such as football).

Yoga can help improve performance through the physical and mental aspects of yoga. Yoga can help reduce risk of injury and improve the recovery process of those who are injured. Rudby players often have dense inflexible muscles. Regular yoga practice will lengthen the muscles and improve flexibility.

Look With Yoga has designed yoga classes specifically for rugby players which will focus on strengthening the core muscles, lengthing muscles in key muscles groups used in rugby, upper and lower spinal rotation and strength and flexibility in the arms and legs. Classes will also include relaxation and breathing techniques which will help improve mental clarity and concentration. Yoga can help players become calm and focussed and can improve mood.


Yoga is great for football players as it builds strength, flexibility, balance and improves concentration. Yoga keeps the body supple so it can help prevent injuries by reducing stiffness and over-use of certain muscles. It can help recovery from injuries with specifically designed sequences. It is beneficial for football players to take yoga classes to improve their strength, balance, flexibility, breathing techniques and focus.

Footballers can suffer from tight muscles around the hips, hamstrings, groin, glutes, quads and hip flexors. Footballers can also suffer from back problems. Look Within Yoga has designed a sequence of yoga postures, breathing and relaxation techniques for football players to strengthen core muscles, build flexibility and core strength. Classes also include breathing and relxation techniques which will help improve concentration and mental agility.


Yoga is a great cross-training practice for cyclists. Cyclists can experience tightness in muscle groups including the calves, quadriceps, hamstrings, glutes, hips, shoulders, and neck. Cyclists can also experience lower back pain, knee pain and hip pain. This can be caused by weak abdominal muscles, poor posture and prolonged hours on the saddle. Cyclists can also over-develop muscle groups which can result in the hips and spine being pulled out of alignment. Yoga helps ease the tightness, create core strength, and aligning the spine and joints.

Look Within Yoga has designed a yoga practice focused on improving flexibility, posture, core strength and strengthening and releasing tension in the key muscle groups used by cyclists. The yoga classes also contains breathing and relaxation which will help with focus and balance and improve performance.


Look Within Yoga has designed yoga classes for runners and athletes to develop greater flexibility, fitness, and mental focus. The sequences includes key postures for areas of the body that are overused or prone to injury. The yoga classes also contains breathing and relaxation which will help with focus and balance.

Runners and athletes often find that they have tight hamstrings, tight ITB and hip flexors. Runners can also lose their posture during longer runs which can result in energy being dissipated. Core strength is key for runners and athletes as it can help improve times and performance. With a strong core you have more energy, strength and decrease the risk of pain and injuries.

Look Within Yoga classes for will enable runners and athletes will develop strength and flexibility in the core muscle groups, increase stamina, develop core strength and improve concentration and focus.


Look Within Yoga has developed a yoga conditioning class for golfers. In golf, players need to develop a good swing. This means that golfers need to develop mobility in the lower back and hips and a better range of movement in the shoulders and the arms. Yoga can help golfers open up their hips and develop strength in the legs and glutes. Yoga will also help golfers develop strength and stability in the spine. The yoga classes also contains breathing and relaxation which will help with focus and balance and improve concentration.

For more information on Yoga for Golfers: READ HERE.


Yoga is great practice for those who participate in Martial Arts. Yoga helps develop flexibility and strength, increase energy, improve balance and concentration and helps you to develop breathing techniques.

Yoga keeps the body supple so it can help prevent injuries by reducing tightness in muscles and over-use of certain muscle groups. Yoga. Yoga will help develop your core strength, stamina, hip, leg and back flexibility.

Look Within Yoga has developed a yoga conditioning class for those that practice Martial Arts, please contact us for more information.