Look Within Yoga


Regular Yoga Practice

Regular yoga practice will help to reduce aches, pains and tension in the body. Yoga can help prevent injuries and also help recovery from injuries and illness. Yoga will also help to calm the mind, improve mental focus and concentration and provide you with a sense of well-being..


Sports Yoga

Those of us who engage in sporting activities can also find that pro-longed training and endurance sports can have a real impact on the body – muscles and joints become tighter, the body becomes less flexible and over-usage of certain muscles groups can result in injuries and time out from the sports we practice.


Every Day Living

Every day living can cause stress, anxiety, worries, aches and pains. Many of us now have sedentary lifestyles which means we can develop muscle and joint pains, hip, shoulder and lower back problems, stress related illnesses including digestive problems.


Yoga for Children

Yoga for Children’s classes are specifically tailored for each age group. Yoga for children is a great way to build confidence and it keeps children fit and healthy.


I love my weekly classes with Annelie she is a calm and supportive guide and each week I leave feeling more open, more content and certain aspects of my practice like balancing postures have really improved and I've been inspired to work on them moree

Meg Hughes

Annelie introduced me to yoga, which was a life changing experience and is an ongoing journey. Classes gave me the space between the outside world and being present in my body and mind. Anyone who is looking for increasing flexibility and stamina, building up the strength, releasing the tension and as a result improvement of the posture will find it all with Look Within Yoga.

Karolina Gic

Thank you for four fantastic sessions with the Devon Golf squads. With Your knowledge and understanding of the golf swing will I am sure, be paying huge dividends during the season. I have had so much positive feedback- thank you!

Gary Milne